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In June of 1999, Alex Regis and Sue Boileau established Bistro George Boileau, named after their son, George, then four, and Sue's family name, Boileau, which stems back to the twelfth century. The Boileau crest is used to this day, printed on the labels of their two hand-picked vintages, Boileau Cabernet and Boileau Chardonnay.  

Before opening the bistro, Alex and Sue were by no means novice restaurateurs. For many years Alex worked in the hotel and catering industry; Sue was, and still is, a professional baker and confectioner.

Over the years the bistro's unique menu has continued to evolve. Alex began to research and experiment with recipes from ancient Greece, such as chicken with dried figs and walnuts, which, legend says, Nausica fed to Odysseus. Their experimentations didn't stop there, though. Both well-traveled, they began to create other dishes based on past dining experiences while traveling abroad--dishes with an international flavor, and of course the Boileau touch, such as scrumptious fillets and exotic salads with unique dressings. Fresh fish and crustaceans remain an integral part of the menu--and rightly so, considering the restaurant's close proximity to the sea.

Today, Bistro Boileau remains an establishment based on uniqueness, authenticity, and history--elements that both locals and travelers alike relish and appreciate.

The History of Bistro Boileau
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